Meeting Other Foodies

Thought I'd share with you four ways to meet other foodies online:-

  1. Find out about food swapping events near you by logging into  You can take along jars of homemade jam or homemade bread and swap them for freshly laid eggs, home grown rhubarb for example without exchanging cash. Our local pub is offering beer vouchers in exchange for home-grown fruit and veg that they can use in their kitchen.
  2. Carol Anne, who blogs at www.thisisrocksaltcom  has set up her own network of food pen pals. They send each other parcels of local treats and delicacies, particularly those that are characteristic of a particular place or region, such as Staffordshire oatcakes (see my blog of 17/12/13) or Black Country faggots (see my log of 16/12/13). Once they have tasted the treats, the pen pals then blog about what they have received. 
  3. Try joining  to be invited to a dinner party with five other people from the 'guest list' for your area. Then it's your turn to host. Six dinners later you'll have found 25 new foodie friends. It's £25 to join plus £50 when you receive an invitation.
  4. To meet people to share you passion for food, try which lists hundred of events and activities for food lovers of all ages and interests, whether vegetarian, vegan, cake maker, baker, Masterchef or wine buff. Search by your area and type of 'meetup' to see what is happening near you and when and sign up to go along to a 'meetup' event. See you there! 


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