Sausage Casserole

What  a delicious weekday dish - sausage casserole! It's so simple but everyone loves it, from the very young to myself. Why not have a go at this cheap and wholesome family recipe, which you can make in just one pot. For a meat-free alternative, use vegetarian sausages and stock and ditch the Worcestershire sauce. This recipe serves four.

12 sausages
2tbs vegetable oil
2 onion - chopped
6 carrots - peeled and cut into chunks
4 small baking potatoes - quartered
2tbs plain flour
600g baked beans
600ml chicken stock
2tbs Worcestershire sauce
2tbs tomato puree
4tsp mustard
4tsp sugar
salt and pepper

  • Heat the oven to 180'C or Gas Mark 4
  • Grill the sausages for 5 minutes, until brown but not completely cooked, then put them on a plate.
  • Heat the oil in an ovenproof dish, then fry the onions for 5 minutes, until slightly brown. Chuck in the carrots and potatoes, then stir in the flour.
  • Add the beans, stock, Worcestershire sauce, tomato puree, mustard sugar and a dash of salt and pepper and bring to the boil.
  • Chuck the sausages into the pan, cover , and cook in the oven for 60 minutes and then serve. 


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