Superfood Surge

It seems that us Brits have caught the 'superfood' bug, with a surge in the purchase of quinoa and other so called healthy foods. The latest fad is the more health conscious of us are purchasing more avocados. In fact, supermarkets are reporting a surge in  avocado sales, with us ditching the lunchtime sandwich in favour of a superfood salad that includes the avocado.

Yes, the avocado has many health benefits and celebrity chef endorsements from the likes of Nigella Lawson has fueled the demand for her 'obsessive' fruit. Global sales have doubled in the last decade and is a £2 billion industry today. The trend has led to cafes and restaurants offering it in more dishes such as smoothies, salads and cheescakes. The range of avocado and guacamole recipes have been expanded by top TV chefs.

I am told that avocado is the fastest-growing ingredient at cafe chain Pret a Manger, which sliced up 5 million of them last year for their dishes and sandwiches. Vegetarian and healthy food options have been in such great demand that Pret will open a vegetarian-only shop in London this summer. The food store also plans to convert one of its Soho stores (that's Soho in London and not Birmingham!) to test new 'superfood' menu options, to add to its already popular vegan super-bowl salads. It best seller currently is a vegetarian beets, squash ad feta bowl, selling 17,000 a week. (It is delicious, I know!)

Just a reminder - avocados contain mono-unsaturated fat, which is said to lower cholesterol and we all need to do that!


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