For a fixed price and a bottle of wine. people all over the world are sitting down in the homes of strangers to enjoy a lovingly prepared, restaurant-quality dinner. From New York to London to Havana, these secret supper clubs and pop-up restaurants offer an alternative dining experience for those looking for something new, fun and exciting. You won't find these supper clubs in any city guide - they are strictly for those in-the-know, if you're lucky enough to get a much coveted reservation.

This weekend I joined Supper Club 'Yumzee. If you are interested in hosting a meal or being a guest, or both, then try joining at this email address:-

Over the coming weeks and months, I will blog on how our Supper Club is going, the tips, advice and pitfalls of my experience. I will share our menus and recipes for the perfect meal. I'm planning suppers in the house, in the garden and in our marque, when the summer weather threatens rain. The first stage is to let people know, which has started here. Tomorrow I will announce it on Facebook to family and friends. Hopefully 'Yumzee' will pull in strangers, as I don't want it to be just a dinner party for mates. I think we will get cards printed - there are plenty of cheap on-line printers but I have to choose a name before that! It also seems a good idea to do some research by visiting other supper clubs and again 'Yumzee' should provide this opportunity.

There is lots to do over the coming weeks - take bookings, decide prices, fix payment methods, devise menus, control portion size, think about 'front-of-house', drinks, music and table settings. We already have a 5 star award for food hygiene from the Environmental Health Agency and we have public liability insurance, should anything go wrong. I hope I've thought of everything.

Why don't you join a Supper Club?        


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