Food At Twelve

What a brilliant idea - a great way of encouraging more youngsters to cook! No, it's not cookery lessons at school, which from the experience of my grandson, lack any enthusiasm or input from skilled cookery teachers other than how to make a pizza from a bought baguette and a tin of tomatoes. I'm blogging about a proper course aimed specifically at under 12 year old's, led by top chefs in well equipped kitchens.

The first after-school club for youngsters is taking place at Moor Pool Hall in Harborne  in Birmingham, opposite Turner's Michelin star restaurant, on Friday 10 March at 400 pm. It will be the start of many such cookery clubs over the next few months, with another club for over 12's to follow shortly.

The organisers wanted to cook something with the kids that they would love for the first club. so they've chosen to make the most delicious fresh pasta. The youngsters will make their own fresh pasta dough and they'll transform it into some beautiful stained glass tagliatelle and some delicious ravioli. The children will try everything they make in the cookery classes, but can take home some leftovers and show what they've cooked. Tickets are available now from

Future events already planned include:-
Children's Thai Cookery Club on Monday 13 March at 4.00 pm
Children's Mexican Cookery Club on Friday 24 March at 4.00 pm
Children's Tapas Cookery Club on Monday 27 March at 4.00 pm

Let's hope this is the start of more cookery clubs across the UK to get our kids cooking and eating great homemade food!


  1. There was great fun at the Kitchen School last weekend for the April Fool kids cookery class - eggs on toast or something else!
    Tomorrow they have Food at Twelve's first Easter cookery club, they'll be cooking an Italian inspired Spring menu -
    Caponata, Lamb and Mint Ravioli, Torta squisita and Potatao Focaccia
    Can't wait!


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