Delicious Magazine - January Edition

At last a food magazine that has decided to publish each issue in the same month as the date on the cover. Delicious magazine, like all the others, used to publish its January issue at the beginning of December and the February issue at the beginning of January and so on. I've always asked why this is, but there is no sane reason. Thank goodness one magazine has seen sense! Well done Delicious.

This change is part of a 'New Look', according to editor, Karen Barnes, and I must agree that Delicious this month is more appealing in its mixture of features, articles and recipes. I particularly warmed to the recipes that were preceded by an introduction to the chefs and subjects highlighted, like the new series Best of British' which featured Real Bread and the Long Crichel Bakery in Dorset.  A little on the story of the bakery and its owner and how his bread is prepared was an inspiring introduction to the four baking recipes.

Snippets of news, gossip, new products and hints in the first few pages of the January edition, are lively and interesting insights into everything food and drink related, including Nigella Lawson's 54th January birthday. 'Hot on the Shelves' reviews top buys for the month and new cookbooks and gadgets.

A comically illustrated vegetarian article, entitled 'The Underground Superheroes' provides some inspirational recipes with the pick for me being an amazing Truffle and parmesan potato scotch egg (below). The recipe can also be varied, leaving out the truffle and parmesan in favour of spring onions and cheddar cheese.

Paul Hollywood 'Does Pie' - infact, there are three pie recipes from the silver fox of baking. He gets everywhere these days, but I must admit his Feather blade and ale pie looks a Bake Off winner. It is a pity he did not take any of Delicious magazine's 15 wise ways to save money on food, which provide serious food for thought (no pun intended). Many of the tips are close to my heart, like 'learning to love offal (see my faggot recipe on 16 December 2013), using leftovers (see many of my blogs) and using the local market.

Alongside the expected 'comfort' recipes, Valentine Warner has an array of interesting dishes to tempt the inventive cook. I think Valentine is greatly under rated chef and doesn't get his due accolade. My daughter interviewed him recently for her regional magazine and she told me he is quite a shy guy who she found hard to get to talk about himself and his food. What a change these days, from all those self opinionated TV chefs. His 'Warming One Pots' in Delicious reflect the title but are a bit different - Rich ox cheek stew, Pork shoulder and pearl barley and the one I took a fancy to, Warming lamb curry (below). It has a nice addition of ghee and cinnamon.

Anyone interested in trying Vietnamese dishes will get a few hints from the talented new chef Luke Nguyen this month. The magazine also highlights 5 Hot Foodie Cities to where most in-the-know gastronauts will be jetting off this year - Copenhagen, Vienna, Bologna, Athens and Nice. Apart from the latter, they would all be on my list. 

Overall, an enjoyable, instructive and inspiring Delicious this month. Get it from your newsagents today! Price: £3.90


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