I returned to the Bevere Gallery last week, mainly for lunch, but also to see the outdoor sculpture area and compare prices with other galleries. This was my second visit in the last 12 months and so I was surprised to see a new, but smaller sculpture garden. Originally in the grounds of the beautiful Bevere House next door to the gallery, it is now adjacent to the gallery in an interesting but smaller wooded area. The works of art are varied and attractively placed among the trees and undergrowth. Prices are very high, but I expect that this is due to Bevere's mark up on the artist's price. I know that I can get similar pieces elsewhere at 60% of their price. Never mind, I enjoyed seeing the sculptures and it gave me some ideas for my own garden.

The inside gallery has some outstanding pieces of ceramics by some well know potters, who have established themselves in recent years as Craftsmen Potters, recognised by the CPA in London. The pieces are expertly displayed but again are overpriced compared to other craft galleries locally and nationally. The pictures and prints that adorn the walls are not so exciting and are by lesser known painters and printmakers. This I really is a gallery for the best in modern ceramics.

As for the lunch - outstanding! I sat in the garden and enjoyed the beautifully weather, while being attentively served to a delightful and very tasty fresh salad with a home-made beetroot and goats cheese quiche. The quiche filling was inventive and sweet to the taste, with a crumbly pastry base that melted in the mouth. I watched other guests devour lush sandwiches with range of elegant fillings on brown and white bread and cake stands full of home-made fancies. The café does not have a license, so there is no wine available here. I settled for genuine fresh lemonade, but there was a range of hot drinks served in china cups and tea and coffee ports. The meal was just under £8, which I thought was very reasonable for home-made food of this high quality.

If you fancy a lovely home-made and tasty salad lunch at a lovely café in an inspiring and attractive little gallery then head for Bevere this summer, just off the A449 north of Worcester. Sadly, they are not open on a Sunday or Monday – surprising really!! The café closes at 4pm.


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