The World's Most Ridiculous Table

What's the world's most ridiculous dining accessory? I think I've found it - the bizarre portable dining table.

What if you could conveniently bring a bib and a table on-the-go, to your next picnic? Taiwanese students have invented this in one product.  According to the Napkin Table Facebook page, Tunghai University graduates from Taiwan, wanted to encourage people to interact by sharing and dining together using their invention -- the 'Napkin Table'. A foldable invention, this table can only be used when the straps it comes with are fastened around two wearers' necks.
The diners can then put their food on the tray suspended between them.
The fold-away Napkin Table comes with straps at either end, to be placed around the neck, suspending the table between two people. There is enough space for two plates, cups can be slotted into built-in holders, and there are stitched pockets to hold cutlery. The fabric at each end even doubles as a bib, and there's an extra flap that serves as a washable napkin. The portable device then collapses into a slim, nifty handbag.

The bizarre looking device designed by graduates at in Taiwan, is hoping to create a “new dining experience which can improve the relationship and interaction between two people”.

Sadly, I haven't one for this weekend's picnic with John and Jo, as it is not yet on the market!


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