Wild Berries Can Boost A Child's Memory

If you haven't picked and frozen wild berries yet, then there is still time with the hedgerows still full of plump ripe blackberries and bilberries. A report today has highlighted the importance of fruit rich in flavonoids, which it says can boost children's memory.

Chemicals called flavonoids, which are found in a variety of fruit and vegetables, including citrus fruits and berries  improve blood flow to the brain, easing the passage of information between cells. The study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, saw children asked to complete a series of cognitive tests on three occasions - once after drinking sugary water, once after a medium-strength blueberry drink and once after having a high-strength drink. On the days they had drinks made with wild blueberry powder children did better on tests that involved recalling words and ignoring distractions. The best results were obtained after they had the high-strength drink, which contained the equivalent of a cup and a half of wild blueberries. The Lead Researcher from Reading University is reported to have said that the results indicated strongly that consuming foods which are rich in flavonoids could aid overall learning in the classroom.

Sadly, there are no wild blueberries in the UK, but blackberries and bilberries do grow wild in this country and they are rich in flavonoids. Shop bought blueberries have a different chemical make-up to wild ones, however previous research has shown that they may also be beneficial.

Quick, get out and stock-up on those wild blackberries, before they are over for the summer!          


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