A Moveable Feast by Katy Holden

In a few weeks time I will be erecting the marquee in the garden, anticipating a summer season of eating al fresco. But whether it is afternoon tea on the lawn, a barbeque on the patio or a picnic by the river, we all need some inspiration for the food we will serve. So it was with delight that I found a smashing book this weekend called 'A Moveable Feast'.

Katy Holder has produced a book that provides some exciting and new ideas for outdoor dining. packed with beautiful photos and clear recipes. this 180 page publication is all you need to inspire you to create some new eating creations. Delicious food to take with you comes in all forms from sandwiches to tarts to tapas. The book is divide into nine sections running from 'Bread and Muffins', to 'Flaky and Crumbly' to 'All Wrapped Up'. There is a section on 'Sweets' and Drinks' and if you want food of varying sizes then there is 'Mini Morsels' or 'Bigger Bites'.

Each recipe is simple and concise in its presentation, with a 'Styling Tip' to accompany it. For example, 'Stacks of paper napkins can fly away when eating outside, so pop an interesting stone on top to weigh them down' or 'Use luggage labels with pretty twine to identify your dishes'. There are lots of useful suggestions to make that outdoor eating experience something special. As for the dishes, there are lots of new ideas that caught my eye, including, Zucchini and Ricotta Loaf, Pumpkin and Cheddar Muffins and Sichuan Beef Rice-Paper Rolls. I loved the look of the Coronation Chicken Baguettes with Crunch Apple 'Slaw - who does not like Coronation Chicken?

Jane Holder has done a great job with this book, she even tells you how best to transport your moveable feast and even if you only have to get your dishes from the kitchen to the garden, disasters can happen if you don't plan this movement of food. The section entitled 'Artfully Moveable' suggests tiffin boxes of the Indian variety, Japanese Bentos and tapas dishes, as easier container-led food. There are suggestions for packing the picnic hamper and ideas for 'packaging' your drinks, whether Mojito Beer or Orange and Cardamon Iced Tea.

At £20, 'A Moveable Feast' is not a cheap buy, but it seems to me to be good value for money when you want to make that outdoor feast just that bit different for the usual salmon and cucumber sandwiches or jam and cream scones. It will definitely form the basis for our outdoor summer dining, in fact, I can't wait to get the marquee up now!

'A Moveable Feast' by Jane Holder is published by Explore Australia Publishing Ltd.
(ISBN-13 9781741174618) and priced at £20


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