Aldi Craft Beers

I was shopping yesterday in Aldi, the rising star in the UK supermarket war, stocking up on Italian wines. There is no doubt that Aldi have a great selection of good quality 'vino' to suit all tastes and all pockets. In fact, Aldi are opening a shop on Thursday devoted entirely to wines in Shoreditch in East London, their first store specifically devoted to one product. However, while I was perusing the shelves at my local Aldi, I spied a 'Specialbuy' of craft beers - something new to the supermarket giant.

It now seems that Aldi is preparing to boost the British craft beer sector with the German retailer spending £600,000 on launching 18 English-brewed beers. Only a limited number have been produced and are being sold with the special price of £1.26 a bottle. Thirteen breweries have signed up to this initiative, including Box Steam Brewery, Wadsworth Brewery (below), Sadler's Brewery, Arundel Brewery and Hogsback Brewery.

Aldi know that the craft beer market in the UK was worth £420 million and is predicted to reach £1 billion in value by 2020. If their current promotion is a success then who knows they may be stocking even more craft beers in future. If you are a lover of UK locally brewed beers then get down to Aldi quickly as I can see these 'Specialbuys' selling out this weekend.  


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