Wine Squirrel

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a 'kitchen gadget guy.' If there is a gadget to mince the left-over lamb or squeeze the orange for fresh juice, then I must have it. There are devices for every job in the kitchen these days. Well, I've spotted a new invention that is just up-my-street, as they say.

Being a white wine drinker, there are occasions when I open a bottle of red to satisfy guests, but there is always some left after that 'just one glass, I'm driving' moment. So what do you do with half a bottle of Shiraz? It wont last long and I am unlikely to drink it. It's a problem that even the French haven't solved. How do you stop left-over red wine, or wine of any colour, for that matter, going off?  Now the problem has been solved by two British brothers, Maurice and Tom Gonsalves, who have invented a decanter that they claim keeps your plonk fresh for three weeks. I want one!  

Wine goes off quickly after it is opened because stoppers trap air inside the bottle causing the wine to oxidise and change flavour. The Gonsalves brothers say that their 'wine squirrel' (not a great name) has an advantage thanks to its patented airtight seal. The gadget is a crystal decanter that works like your cafetiere. You fill it up, insert the seal and push it down until the plunger sits on top of the liquid. A knob on the top of the seal is then turned to make the decanter airtight.

The decanter holds up to one bottle of wine and makes it possible to drink one glass and keep the rest fresh for up to three weeks. The Wine Squirrel can be pre-ordered for £31 but will sell for £60 when it hits the shops in November. If you love your wine, then like me, you should order one today from:-


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