Just One More Biscuit!

Cadbury have shot themselves in the foot again! Look at this packaging and its 'complete' contents. Notice anything?

Seven biscuits feature on the outside packaging and there are eight biscuits inside - and that's it. The sum total of a packet of Cadbury Biscuit Assortment is eight biscuits, just one more than featured on the box. Not to forget the large plastic tray that contains the biscuits. All for £1.10 - that's 13.7 pence per biscuit. 

Yet another example of how brand producers are fooling us with inflated and wasteful packaging to make us think we are getting more for our money.  And why build up the plastic tray inside by an inch to make it look like it is deeper than what it actually is?  Who are you kidding, Cadbury? Do you think we would think there are lots of biscuits in there?

So what do Cadbury have to say for themselves? Press reports quote their spokesperson as saying, ''We do not believe our packaging is misleading as the weight of our products is clearly labelled on the pack.'' It may be, but I wont be buying them! I hope my readers won't either.


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