No sooner have we got Christmas out of the way, that we have Easter labels sprouting up in our food stores. Heaven forbid - as we are still tucking into festive chocolate bars, we are faced with Easter eggs filling the shelves of supermarkets. Cadbury's Creme Eggs Everywhere! However, the chocolate giant has come up with a new gimmick this year to get us to buy more of their famous Easter Creme Egg - a white chocolate version.

For the first time in its history, Cadbury's has introduced a white chocolate version of its popular egg - but we will not know if we have bought one until we unwrap it! 'How does that work?' I can hear you say. Well, about 400 white eggs are now on sale in the same wrapper as the standard version until Easter Sunday on 1 April (yes, April Fools Day!) and Cadbuy's will offer cash prizes to those of us lucky enough to find one. Has Willy Wonka taken over Cadbury's ? It sees like it, with this joke.

If you want to try your luck at finding the 'golden' white egg then your local newsagents and corner shop, plus Sainsbury's Local, Tesco Express and Coop branches are now stocking the disguised White Creme Egg, with each one worth at least £100, (unless eBay get there first, that is). And if you are worried that this egg, is a cheap imitation of the Creme Egg produced by Cadbury's US owners, Kraft Foods, two years ago, then it is not. The shell recipe is the standard Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate.

Before you dash to your phone to Tweet your disgust at this Easter gimmick, it's too late, as online comments already call the new egg 'an abomination', 'a disgrace' and 'a parent's nightmare'. However, if you want you kids to relive the 'Charlie' experience then the 'Chocolate Factory' already has the 400 mystery Creme Eggs in the shops. So try to get that 'golden ticket' today! 



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  2. A women who shelled out for three Cadbury Creme Eggs has won £1000 after one turned out to be made of white chocolate. Natasha Bream, aged 30, said she was 'excited and a little shocked' to be the first person to find one of the white eggs Cadbury has produced as part of their promotion offering prizes of up to £2000. The nursery manager from Luton (UK) bought the eggs at a Tesco Express in the town.


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