When I was kid, it was a daily ritual for me to run to the corner shop for the families regular necessities of life - bread, milk and eggs. The corner shop stocked everything you urgently needed when other high street shops were either closed or just too far away. Its so sad then, to hear that corner shops are in decline or dying out completely. It seems that the younger generation are increasingly snubbing their convenience stores in favour of 'jumping in the car' for their nearest supermarket or ordering on the internet.

Although elderly shoppers, like me, still use the corner store on a regular basis, the same is not true of young adults. 45 per cent of the over-75s go to their neighbourhood supplier at least five times a week. While among the 18-to-24-year-olds , only 28 per cent go to a convenience store daily, and this is likely to fall to 19 per cent over the next two decades, according to experts. It seems that young adults are working longer hours and commuting further, so do not pop in to their corner shop before or after work, preferring to order online.

Corner shops are also often less technologically advanced with many charging an additional fee to pay on a card and this puts off youngsters. They prefer to go to food outlets where they can sit down to use their smart-phones or laptops, leading to the rise of coffee and sandwich shops that offer seating and wifi.

It will be so sad if the corner shop dies completely. Support your local store, please!


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