I've blogged before about the vast number of cookery books we have in our house, from books on Lebanese cookery to vegetarian cookery to recipe books for wheat intolerant guests. I would have thought we had enough books to be able to cater for all food tastes and all preferences. But I was wrong! We bought a new cookery book yesterday, 'At My Table' - a book of delicious recipes from 60 celebrated chefs for people with diabetes.

Edited by Amanda Bilson and Janni Kyritsis and published by Allen & Unwin to raise funds for The Diabetes Centre, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia, this is an amazing 200 page publication with some beautiful recipes accompanied by amazing photographs of the dishes. Contributor's biographies bear witness to the backgrounds of 60 talented chefs from around the world, most of which have cookbooks in their own name.

Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes 

The idea of 'At My Table' is not to make it 'diabetes friendly' in the traditional sense, but to make it 'consumer friendly' by including the basic nutrition information for each recipe and a little dietitian tip for guidance for anyone who may be watching their weight, blood glucose levels or cholesterol. The editors have not asked chefs to alter their recipes in any way but they have suggested alternative ingredients or different preparation tips if readers wish to make a change.

Marinated Figs With Witlof And Shiitake Mushrooms

Amanda Bilson and Janni Kyritsis have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes respectively and therefore have had to consider their diets carefully throughout most of their life. Together they have developed the project that led to this amazing cookbook, having invited the best chefs in Australia to contribute wonderful recipes - some for everyday eating and some for special occasions. Janni has created many of the desserts, often a stumbling block for most diabetic cooks. He has easy recipes with ingredients that can be found in any grocers or supermarket. Amanda, is a publisher and native of the UK, who married chef Tony Bilston in 1985, who then had to quickly learn about cooking for a diabetic wife.

This book is full of exciting and inspiring dishes. Every cook will discover favourite recipes in this collection - from Maggie Beer's Haloumi and Citrus Lentils and Adam Liaw's Scallops with Green Olive Tapenade and Preserved Lemon Powder to Luke Mangan's Warm Oriental Duck and Mango Salad and Janni Kyritsis's Pink Gin Granita.  

Lamb Neck Fillet With Quinoa And Hazelnuts

'At My Table' is edited by Amanda Bilson and Janni Kyritsis and published by Allen & Unwin (2013) ISBN 978 1 74237 731 5        Available from Amazon Books at £13.39


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