Wine ice cream could be the best thing ever invented. according to the British press yesterday. A New York dairy has combined wine and ice cream to make a treat strictly for the adults. It is a perennial foodie problem: you like wine, and you like ice cream, but sadly they just don’t go together.

An American dairy may, however, have created the solution: ice cream that is made with wine. Mercer’s Dairy, a dairy farm in Boonville, New York which dates back to the 1930s, offers eight flavours of the adult-only treat, including riesling, cherry merlot, peach white zinfandel and sparkling strawberry.

Owner Roxaina Hurlburt first had the idea for the sweet treat when guests at a food event in Washington in 2005 started dolloping Mercer's ice cream in their glasses of wine (the dairy's stall happened to be next to a wine one).  She and her niece Ruth Mignerey spent years developing the recipe, as they tried to work out how to get the ice cream to freeze - a difficult thing to do when high quantities of alcohol are involved. After successfully applying for a change in state law to make the ice cream legal to sell, they now export the product to 15 countries, including China, the Netherlands and the Seychelles.
At five per cent alcohol by volume, the ice cream is said to pack a serious boozy punch - but at least you're getting a bit of calcium too!
I can't wait to try it!


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