Best Christmas Puddings

Have you bought you Christmas pudding yet?  If not, then you might be interested in hearing the results of a pudding test carried out by a well know national newspaper.

Taste the Difference 18-month matured Christmas pudding (£6.50 for 450g, £12.50 for 900g). 
The best overall - A dark pud with old-fashioned charm, rich and deep flavoured with a great crunch to the nuts. Pleasant sharpness, good spicing and smells lovely,w with whole fruit, and it cuts well.5/5

Extra Special melting fig and brandy Christmas Pudding (£7 for 907g)
The best value - A good-looking, dark pudding, decorated with whole slices of candied orange. Complex and Christmassy flavours, with family appeal. Good orangey taste with sweet jammie centre. 5/5

Signature spice fruited sponge pudding (£10 for 800g)
A pale, gently spiced pud that tastes good, but it’s not a Christmas pudding – more of a hot cake. One for those who aren’t keen on traditional Christmas puddings. 3/5

Marks and Spencer
Collection Marc de Champagne shooting star Christmas pudding (£14 for 1kg)
The most striking of all the puds – a Bundt-shaped, gold-dusted extravaganza. The pudding had good, large pieces of fruit and a nice moist texture, but the thick red cherry champagne sauce tasted of Calpol and looking more zombie Hallowe’en than Christmas. 3/5

Luxury 18-month matured Christmas pudding (£8.99 for 907g) 
A simple pud, boozy and with lots of fruit and nuts. The crumbly texture meant it didn’t slice neatly, but it tastes and smells like a proper pudding. 4/5

Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas pudding (£9.99 for 907g)
Golden sparkle and a boozy flavour, but too sugary. The sticky texture was more like mincemeat.  3/5

M Signature cherry-crowned Christmas pudding (£4 for 454g)
A pretty-looking pud with a syrupy gloss, but too sugary. Overdose of glacé cherries on top, very sweet with an odd flavour. Texture of warm Dundee cake. Too stodgy and tastes bland. 3/5

Finest 12-month matured Christmas pudding (£5 for 454g)
Lots of fruit but unexciting and with a rubbery texture. You can see the fruit, but the smell is oily and sticks to the roof of the mouth. 1/5


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