Fishy Fingers

Those readers that have read my blogs on food education (see:- 'Cooking At School Is Back' on 3 October 2014 and others) will know that I think that more should be done to educate our young people about food - where it comes from, how to prepare and cook it and what food is best for you. With a growing concern about obesity in the UK, food education is even more important and cannot be left to teachers alone - parents have a responsibility too!

It is no surprise to me then that a fifth of young adults think fish fingers are actually made from the fingers of fish. A recent survey of 2,000 young adults by Rowse Honey also found that one in seven 16 to 24-year olds said they did not know that a pork chop comes from a pig or lamb from a sheep. One in ten young adults believed potatoes grow on trees and one in eight thought farmers 'squeeze' bees to get honey out of them.

What next - buffalo wings come from a buffalo and spaghetti grows on trees?    


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