It is no surprise to me that Ruby Tandoh, one of the two unsuccessful finalists in this year's Great British Bake Off should bite off the hand that fed her celebrity stardom. Last week she described the show as ''crap TV''.

The 21 year old has now certainly alienated the many fans she won on the BBC series, by launching this kind of scathing attack on the programme, where for much of the series she was the odds-on favourite to win the competition. Last week she declared that the women who watch this highly successful programme are ''silly''. What a far cry from her behaviour and attitude while on the show, where her frequent tears and Hollywood fluttering eyelids gave us the impression that she was taking the competition very seriously. We had sympathy when her frustration from cakes not cooked to perfection, became manifest in her sulking.

The philosophy student appeared to have forgotten all this last week, when she joined a panel of women to debate whether feminism needed rebranding. A daily newspaper quoted her as saying, ''Collectively women in general are all a bit silly. I cried over the John Lewis advert, we like to get so excited when the Starbucks red cups come out at Christmas. We watch crap on TV like Bake Off. We like things we can latch on to and understand quite clearly''

What is clear, Ruby, is that you got beaten by Francis Quinn on Bake Off, and no amount of sour grapes can change that!

Staff at Greggs, that temple for salad dodgers and overweight football fans, have been banned from putting red or brown sauce on cheese rolls. Bosses at the major bakery chain claim it will speed up service. Fat chance of that. The best way to cut those endless queues at Greggs is to ban the staff from using the phrase, ''It's not very warm. love.''

It sound more like a cost cutting exercise but staff have been told that the sauce can only used on rolls containing meat products like sausage or bacon.

This move will go down about as well as a Greggs 'festive' pastie on Christmas Day, even though, I guess, not too many customers  want sauce on a cheese roll. What Greggs customers want from a cheese roll is more cheese and more roll!


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