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I was on an a long Inter City rail journey recently, when the train pulled into Stafford station and I witnessed an intriguing platform transaction. The guy sitting opposite me was anxiously looking out of the window as the train came to a halt in Stafford and within a few moments was taking delivery through a window, of a takeaway pizza from a local restaurant who had despatched a courier to meet the high speed train on the platform as it arrived. It seems that takeaway restaurants will go to any length these days to service customers!

'Just Eat' is the new free App for Android and iPhone that is supporting the quiet revolution that is taking place in Britain's takeaway industry. Small restaurants no longer have to build and maintain expensive websites if they want to take orders over the internet, or go through the hassle of finding a banking partner to process online payments. Instead Just Eat, alongside competitor, Hungryhouse, is putting takeaways online with orders piped straight to the kitchen, and users' accounts linked to credit or debit cards.

Just Eat has more than 18,000 takeaways on its books, compared to Hungryhorse's 10,000. It has mobile apps that allow you to sign up, link a card and search for location, restaurant name, and cuisine with 26 varieties from Lebanese to Polish. Coverage is extensive in big cities with a choice of collection or delivery. When you choose a takeaway, you can see its location, opening hours and the entire menu, sorted into categories. This makes ordering easier than scrolling down a long list, with dish preferences - portion size, spicing and so on - available as subcategories for each choice. Complete your order, specify collection or delivery, add a note if you like, and Just Eat processes the payment and informs the restaurant through its own 3G-connected printer on its premises. Once the order is okayed, you are emailed an acknowledgment and can start getting out the cutlery and opening the wine.

This is a a good alternative to ordering by phone, because everything is in writing, there's less chance of a mistake and no fussing with change at the door. Unfortunately, this app has no option to save your favourite takeaways and orders. But it is a quick and easy to use app and you can leave a review and star rating for any resaturant that you order from.

I'll be breaking my long rail journeys in future with takeaway deliveries at Milton Keynes, Wolverhampton and Manchester train stations!

The free App can be downloaded at: www.just-eat.co.uk/apps/


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