Bringing Home Cooking to You

Readers will know that I have been going on and on lately about the lack of home cooking, despite the media hype about increased kitchen activity as a result of 28 hours per week of TV food programmes. At last, one newspaper columnist, Ed Cumming of the Daily Telegraph, has acknowledged that, while we are more interested than ever in watching and reading about cooking, we are actually doing less. The average amount of time preparing dinner has fallen from an hour in 1980 to 38 minutes today - and don't tell me this is all down to Jamie Oliver's '30 Minute Meals'!

Cumming reports that one young entrepreneur, Michal Bohanes (yes, 'Michael' without the 'e'), has managed to marry convenience with culinary adventure. The website (yes, 'dinner' without the 'e') provide customers with a choice of recipes and delivers the ingredients the same day, with simple instructions on how to prepare. How often do we have to choose between cooking something from scratch, which we may not be good at, getting a takeaway or going to a pub or restaurant?  You may want to cook more (and I hope you do), but feel lazy about getting out a cook book, going through it and then going to buy the ingredients and prepare it. There is certainly a lot of effort involved in choosing and preparing a meal.

Michal is not a chef but has a passion for education and a desire to find the best way to teach people how to cook. His dinner recipes with ingredients, range from £14 to £26 for a two portion serving, and comes with detailed and clear sequenced instructions that assume little prior cooking knowledge. Trickier procedures have picture instructions. The website also offers wine suggestions and even music ideas to accompany a special meal. You can also compare how much the same ingredients would cost if you had bought them yourself in a supermarket. No website subscription is required.

Same-day delivery (with 3 slots per day, 6 days per week) is available for one starter choice, such as seared scallops with bacon and mint pea mash, four main courses, such as spiced chicken and one dessert, such as dark chocolate and orange mousse. Other options are available for next day delivery. The menu changes every week, to keep regular users interested. Last week's 'Theme Of the Week' was 'Cookup in the Caribbean'. The Dinnr Bag comes with the right amount of ingredients, a clear and intuitive recipe sheet and an ice pack to keep sensitive items chilled.



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